The Grasshoppers Club Sunday Practice - Madison Martial Arts

The Grasshoppers Club Sunday Practice

An effervescent NONTRADITIONAL, student-centered exploratory and creative martial arts practice for all ages (10 & UP) focused on individual uniqueness, personal growth, and development.

The Grasshoppers Club Family Weekend Exploratory Martial Arts Practice in Madison is FREE & OPEN to the entire family (adults + youth practicing together), inviting everyone to participate in a friendly and mutually supportive fun practice that explores the best parts of what Martial Arts have to offer to curious and adventurous minds.

Our martial arts for you and your kids is about creating life-long memories and strengthening family relationships through physical, mental, and emotional bridges.

RE-Think Martial Arts at The Grasshoppers Club.

Where: Madison Circus Space

When: Bi-Weekly on Sunday Mornings @ 8:30 - 10:00 AM.


Bo is the Co-Founder of KineOasis and Arts4Hope, powering projects with a combination of love and tech. He runs The Grasshoppers Club, an Exploratory Martial Arts practice for all ages.