KineOasis: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body : The TLC of Being Human

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body: The TLC of Being Human

An introductory article about our understanding of KineOasis and our path to explore it.

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body: The TLC of Being Human

An introductory article about our understanding of KineOasis and our path to explore it.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

A famous quote from the Roman poet Juvenal is known as "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano" - or "A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body" - but the full quote is actually "Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano" — meaning you should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body

We believe, however, that two corrections are necessary in order to make this statement more accurate. 

ONE, while genetically our health is the reflection of our overall constitution, how we develop from birth depends a lot on various external factors over which we can exert a significant amount of control - i.e. diet, exercise, etc.

TWO, we believe that the state of health is an intricate multiple-ways network of connecting actions and layers. In other words, a healthy mind often supports a healthy body, but the truth is the same if looked at from the perspective of maintaining a healthy body to support a healthy mind.

In other words, our general health, our overall balance, depends significantly on the actions we take on a daily basis to support and sustain ourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically

This is akin to the human equivalent of TLC, of how we treat and hold ourselves in tender loving care.

While we can reduce the main layers of our functioning as human beings to emotional, mental, and physical parameters, these have a complex interconnected structure that includes elements such as our diet, our exercise activities, our social interactions and relationships, our ability to inquire and adapt, our playfulness, and our level of continuous self-awareness - to name only a few. Our lives are constructed moment by moment through a virtually infinite number of minute actions - including thoughts - orchestrated in a symphony of being.

This may seem daunting and often overwhelming to some. It may seem irrelevant and insignificant to others. Nonetheless, life itself goes on pushing us through time and applying consistent wear and tear on every aspect of who we are. Beyond genetics and fortitude, how we navigate life's constant challenges is a reflection of how well we inhabit ourselves and how well we establish ourselves at the core of our being - a control center of who we are.

That core, we call KineOasis. An internal emotional, mental, and physical sanctuary - the most inner personal state and space of being. A safe space from which we can apply our decision-making process in concert with our well-being goals. A safe space where we can reset when needed, rest when required, replenish and recover on an ongoing basis. A space that is simultaneously an emotional, mental, and physical state of higher quality of being.

We enter that space through Intelligent Movement on a path of sensitivity and artistry that elevates the quality of our lives. KineOasis, is both a journey and a destination to ourselves. A safe space and state awaiting everyone wishing to find it.

We welcome you to join us - inwards and outwards - intelligently moving from our hearts.

Catrina & Bo

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