The happy tribe behind KineOasis

Closing one year, Opening the next.

KineOasis is Growing

Closing one year, Opening the next.

KineOasis is Growing

🏡 2023 has been an adventure.

We moved, we shifted gears from Homeschooling to an awesome Progressive School, we opened our classes in a few locations, hiked a lot, took to the lakes, and in short, we began calling Madison our new "hometown".

Moving to a new city is no small task. On one hand, there are lots of unknowns, various degrees of isolation, and all sorts of uncertainty shades. On the other hand, there is a sense of adventure and discovery, a tingling of neurons as they expand through space, time, and people.

In other words, this is what happens when we start ANEW.

Just like in daily life, when we step into a new form of Movement, we face ourselves from the uncertainty of clumsiness, awkwardness, and overall - confusion.

While uncomfortable, confusion is the bedrock of learning.

Our move to Madtown as it is nicknamed, came with all of those feelings but it also came with a long-awaited merging of our passions and skills into a single new concept and family business. Catrina and I became KineOasis - A Sanctuary for Movement, and Movement as Sanctuary :)

KineOasis became a blend of our love for movement and our passion for teaching. In many ways, our individual arts merged and now continue to shapeshift as any true art should.

2023 was a year of change and settling. 2024 is a year of growth, transformation, and connection.

We have warm, fuzzy dreams about what comes next, and we invite everyone to join along, explore with us, connect and transform. Life is Movement, Movement is Life. To move is to continue to grow, learn, and enjoy the gift of Life.

Keep us in your mind, pin us on the map, visit us for a class, and tell us what you think. Just like in Dance and Martial Arts, connection is a window into a world of possibilities.

See you soon on the practice floor! Make 2024 a year of rejuvenation, growth, health, and happiness.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

Catrina, Neli, Johnny, and Bo